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Katie's Story

“How will Santa get into the hospital, Mom?” This is the question that would be asked many times after my daughter (only three at the time!) was hospitalized over Christmas, 2003.

As you might imagine, hospitals can be very scary and lonely for little kids, but never more so than during the holidays. While at the hospital with my daughter, I heard other kids asking the same question. But I realized the kids weren’t really looking for Santa. They were looking for HOPE. They wanted to know that someone out there somewhere was thinking about them!

So when Katie asked me how Santa would get in for the hundredth time, I said, “Would you like to be Santa next year?” She smiled broadly, and that was the beginning of Katie’s Heart.

Each year, I watch as my daughter recruits new businesses to host a HOPE donation box. Each year, her simple vision becomes larger and larger. And I see the smiles as she goes to each and every hospital room with her Santa hat on….placing the toys directly into the hands of sick children from every walk of life. Each toy makes a difference.

We are always in need of new toys to keep our mission alive. If you would like to host a HOPE Collection Box, or simply donate a toy, please contact us!

Giving Hope....... One toy at a time.

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Stuff the Ambulance; Valentine's Day 2014 was a success!  We collected over 250 bears for Southwest Ambulance!  Thank you Tucson!